Machine data recording with DOQ

The final technical component for the DOQ MDE application is currently being developed as part of a master's thesis with the universities of Ulm and Erlangen. Pattern recognition in production orders using AI.

Read this blog post to find out how the application will work and what benefits it offers you.


New in DOQ 3.8

In version 3.8, DOQ now offers the option of configuring the DHR for archiving. You can read about the other new features here.


Batch size 1 as a rule?

"Digitization. Automation. Standardization. What if batch size 1 becomes the rule with further individualization and personalization?"

We shed light on this question in our blog post.


DOQ Interface to SAP-IRIS: A Field Report

At the turn of 2021/2022, Ciba Vision Johor in Malaysia replaced its old SAP with the Alcon Group's new SAP-IRIS version. You can read about the phase of development until the interface to DOQ went live in the blog post by Oliver Hoff.


Field report of LA2 audit support after DOQ implementations

For some of our customers, we have provided audit support on the subject of CSV (Computer System Validation) in the course of DOQ implementation. 

Read here how the audits were conducted and what specific questions were asked by the auditors. A contribution by Marc Holfelder


Deep Learning (AI) at SMEs

A summary of the presentation by Paul Kremer and Marc Holfelder from the Innovation Forum Medizintechnik in Tuttlingen on 14.10.2020


DOQ now with DOCS module

With version 3.04, DOQ now offers the option of signing external PDF/A documents in a regulatory-compliant manner. This means that inspection documentation outside of DOQ can be mapped paperlessly, as can CAPA processes or KV processes.


LA2 supports the development of a "Corona Check" app

Together with the universities of Würzburg, Ulm and Regensburg, LA2 was able to contribute its regulatory and design expertise to the development of the "Corona Check" app.

Read this article to find out who was involved in the development and which regulatory influences had to be taken into account.


How does LA2 GmbH actually deal with the current challenges on the subject of coronavirus?

Every company is set up differently and has different ways of adapting to the current situation.

Read this blog post by Marc Holfelder, one of the managing directors of LA2 GmbH, on how we continue to manage our customer projects, protect employees from contagion and try to turn challenges into opportunities.

At the end of the article, he gives an overview of tips and tools for the home office.


Findings on the subject of CSV

Large increase in Computer System Validation (CSV) findings in audits:

As we have already announced several times, the Findings on the subject of CSV  in audits of notified bodies extended to 13485:2016. Since December, Marc Holfelder, Regulatory Expert of LA2, already contacted 6x due to main deviations on the topic. Read his blog post to find out how this happens and what course of action seems advisable.


Press review DANmed

Article in the Schwäbische Zeitung and in the trade magazine Werkstatt + Betrieb:

Dannoritzer is one of the pioneers in Tuttlingen and the surrounding area when it comes to digitisation. Since the introduction of DOQ, some media have already come across this representative example of the use of Industry 4.0 in practice. Interesting are the very different reports from the daily press and trade publishers.
Read the two german articles here.


FDA inspections - helpful tips from practice

The FDA continues to tighten the reins. The American findings and warning letters continue to increase. In addition to the well-known challenges such as CAPA and Complaints, the topics of computer system validation and documentation are increasingly coming to the fore. After many years of only selective testing, the authority decided in 2010 to audit these areas much more strongly. As a consequence, this means that it will no longer be possible to deliver products to the USA in the medium to long term without implementing the legal requirements!
In this context, have you ever asked yourself how an FDA audit actually works in practice, or are you even about to have an FDA inspection?

In the 30-minute recording, Marc Holfelder, Managing Director of LA2 GmbH, talks about his experiences over the past 15 years with FDA inspections.


Case study on the introduction of DOQ at Dannoritzer Medizintechnik GmbH & Co. KG

In 2017, the Tuttlingen-based company started to work on the introduction of DOQ. The approach was to adapt the QM system to the new DIN ISO 13485:2016 and the planned FDA 510(k) approval.
Today, the completely digital recording of all process steps in production using a tablet represents a new milestone. The enthusiasm of the own employees as well as the external presentation to customers and suppliers in consequence of the digitization shows innovation and sustainability of the company Dannoritzer.


FDA Audit - these 8 cardinal errors happen every day!

Irritating topic and Damocles sword "FDA Audit"! Who doesn't know that? At least if you manufacture products in a regulated environment and sell them in the USA that fall under the jurisdiction of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), you will be confronted with this topic. There is a permanent latent danger that an audit of this authority is pending. What you do during the audit and what you better not do is described in this blog entry in a very practical way.


CLOUD Hosting / Archiving as a Strategy for Universities and Companies - Helpful Tips from Practice

Is it still possible without Cloud? 

In the medium term it often works without cloud, but in the long run the course is clearly set for cloud computing. The first reason for this is that corporate and university IT can be made more efficient and cost-effective through cloud computing. And secondly, all future technologies will be based directly or indirectly on cloud technology. Sounds like profound changes for your IT department, too. One more reason to listen to this 45-minute webinar recording.
The speakers are Marc Holfelder, Managing Director of LA2 GmbH, who has been advising MedTech companies in the areas of regulatory affairs and computer system validation for over 15 years, and Steffen Eichler, responsible for CLOUD and data center management at LA2 GmbH.