Digitization for your laboratory, proven 21 CFR Part 11 compliant

For 18 years, DOQ has met all the requirements placed on modern LIMS software in the healthcare sector.

What advantages does DOQ offer you?

Regulatory GLP compliance for all laboratory applications

DOQ guarantees complete 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and offers maximum user-friendliness thanks to mobile data input. Regulatory correct connection of analytical instruments and measuring instruments as well as monitoring of maintenance and calibration support laboratory staff and reduce sample throughput times.

Short implementation phase

Thanks to its modern interface architecture, DOQ can be implemented within only 2 months. This already includes all the necessary training courses and documents that you need to go live.

What functions does DOQ LIMS offer you?


Traceability within seconds and focusing on all existing predecessors enables unrestricted tracking and tracing in vertical and horizontal levels.

Mapping of individual workflows

With DOQ, you are able to create a true-to-original representation of even complex Workflows with plausibility checks and limit value specifications. The secure process control helps to avoid errors.

Our Support

Computer System Validation (CSV)

Used as a quality-relevant solution in the laboratory, our approach to the introduction of DOQ enables a considerable reduction in the validation effort of all other software systems used.


The installation and data storage can be realized both on own servers and as a cloud based solution. The well thought-out role/user concept can be individually adjusted to all needs and also allows DOQ to be used across multiple locations.