DOQ advantages in Tuttlingen

The bidirectional, validated interface between ERP (e.g. Majesty) and DOQ guarantees the effective exchange of data between both systems. This ensures a paperless process in production. The ERP remains the leading system and all changes (e.g. to current production orders - change of an operation to off-site operation, changed quantities or schedule changes) are immediately transferred to DOQ and updated. DOQ accesses the master data, collects all PDC and MDC data and transmits it to the ERP after completion of the operation. Withdrawn material can be registered via barcode and also reported to the ERP. Inspection documentation from CAQ systems is transferred to DOQ, signed and attached to the digital product creation file. The resulting digital product development files do not have to be printed out and can be transferred to a DMS for archiving.

When using the Majesty control station, all planning changes are passed on to the individual employees within seconds and listed in the order in which they should be processed. In case of a MDE connection, the machine states and manufactured quantities are transferred from DOQ to the control station, so that an exact planning of the remaining time of the order is possible.

Access to photos, construction plans and QM documents via link is available to employees from their own workstation or at the machine. The article master data is updated every minute to ensure that employees always have the latest documents displayed. This eliminates the need for error-prone file folders in production.

DOQ is positioned as the quality-relevant software system in production. Through our complete validation of DOQ and the interfaces to all connected systems, we can use a risk-based approach to classify the other software applications to means and thus greatly reduce the validation effort of the QM department. This approach has already been successfully audited several times according to ISO 13485:2016.