DOQ Digitalisierung für Fertigung und Labor full compliant

DOQ - The full compliant solution
for digitalization of production and laboratory

DOQ is a software solution for the digital illustration of manufacturing and test documentation in the GxP relevant environment.

By digitizing your production, you achieve the following goals:

Abloesung von Papierprozessen DOQ - Digitalisierung für Fertigung und Labor full compliant

Replacement of paper processes

Verbesserung der Prozesssicherheit DOQ - Digitalisierung für Fertigung und Labor full compliant

Improvement of process safety

Steigerung der Produktivitaet DOQ - Digitalisierung für Fertigung und Labor full compliant

Increase of productivity

Facts & Figures


Years of experience


Managed customer records


Reduced process cycle time

3 Monate

Introduction at the customer

Production optimization with MES

DOQ as an MES solution (Manufacturing Execution System) is characterized by its direct connection to production and enables the management, control and monitoring of production in real time through mobile data acquisition.

Fertigungsoptimierung mit MES - DOQ - Digitalisierung für Fertigun
Laboroptimierung mit LIMS DOQ - Digitalisierung für Labor

Laboratory optimization with LIMS

DOQ as a LIMS solution (Laboratory Information and Management System) supports laboratory operations with regard to the administrative and coordinative tasks of sample processing in compliance with the regulatory requirements according to 21 CFR Part 11.

Advantages through digitalization

Digitization supports companies in their manufacturing processes and their complete documentation including traceability. The networking of software applications such as ERP, MES, CAQ and DMS provide company-wide transparency and increase competitiveness.

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Medizintechnik Lösung mit Majesty Anbindung DOQ

Medical technology solution with Majesty connection

Especially for the Tuttlingen region with its many medical technology companies and Majesty ERP users, LA2 GmbH has created a user-friendly solution for the digitalization of manufacturing. The existing interface offers a connection to the Majesty control center and the possibility of mobile material booking. Both time recording and material bookings can be made from the tablet.

Regulatory compliance

Benefit from 15 years of experience in training, consulting and auditing medical technology/pharmaceutical companies in the field of quality-critical software.

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