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"Introduction of a GCLP-compatible LIMS solution for complex workflows in a biomarker discovery laboratory"

Dr. Josef Schwarz, Proteome Sciences at the Medical Valley event:
Digitization for Laboratory and Production - Future without Alternative?

DOQ Laboratory Information and Management System (LIMS),
a GxP compliant solution for digital recording of all laboratory data

For management

DOQ enables the creation of relevant key figures for reliable company management through transparent data acquisition and guarantees the fulfillment of all documentation obligations according to GLP in digital form.

For laboratory management

DOQ provides laboratory managers with all status information on samples and sample storage and offers the possibility of quick rescheduling in case of urgent or postponed examinations.

For quality management

DOQ enables the early detection of quality problems at the moment they arise and makes them immediately available to all process participants (people, test equipment, software). In this way, it is possible to react while the specimen is still being processed.

For IT department

The validated development of DOQ guarantees trouble-free use in practice. Together with our service and maintenance team, all program functions are quickly adapted jointly to the laboratory requirements.

DOQ LIMS - As individual as your laboratory

The performance of a laboratory IT system depends heavily on the ability to adapt the available program functions to the particularities of each laboratory.

The most important reasons for purchasing a LIMS are the fulfilment of documentation obligations, early recognition of quality problems with the possibility of counteracting them or high availability of laboratory data for research, operation, the customer or other partners.

With its sophisticated system structure, DOQ-LIMS enables a smooth conversion from paper-based documentation/processes to digital recording of all data. All relevant LIMS functionalities are fulfilled correctly.

It is refreshing to see that you have a LIMS system that works for you and not the other way round.
Tim Stiles, Director Qualogy Ltd.,
UK during an GCLP Audit about DOQ
DOQ LIMS is so flexible that it is possible to map our complex workflows
was possible within only 3 months .
Dr. Josef Schwarz,
Chief Compliance Officer proteome sciences, Frankfurt