DOQ LIMS Functions

Traceability within seconds and focusing on all existing predecessors enables unrestricted tracking and tracing in vertical and horizontal levels.
Up to now, time recording in the laboratory has mostly been recorded via terminals or manually. Walking distances between one's own workplace and the terminal cost time and disrupt the workflow of employees. Manual entries are often inaccurate. With mobile time recording in DOQ, every process step is recorded precisely directly at the workstation and is available for reliable post-calculation.

All existing database entries for the individual samples can be evaluated time-controlled or across process chains and visualized in individual dashboards or exported as csv files.

DOQ provides the complete documentation of all sample analyses as a sample history in PDF/A format. This includes information on previous samples, all audit trail records, analysis values and digital signatures for sample release by authorized employees.

X-COM is the application for automated data exchange between external data suppliers and DOQ. 
Data formats from web services, XML or Excel files can be processed directly. If instruments or measuring devices provide other data formats, these are interpreted by an individual plugin for X-COM processing. Raw data is filtered by the plugin for useful content and then made available to X-COM. By configuration, a corresponding schedule for data transport can be defined, but when using a web service, the data can also be imported on demand. A connection of Octopus sensors in laboratory operation is standard.

Maintenance planning in DOQ enables the user to obtain information on upcoming maintenance of pipettes, measuring instruments or other devices at his workstation. The planning can be done time-controlled or by the number of usages/quantities. The system has a notification function for stored recipients by e-mail or SMS.