Advantages from safe process control in production to increased sustainability and tablet capability

As a modern software solution, an intuitive user interface is just as important to DOQ as tablet capability. The user only needs a web browser to use it. Secure process management and the use of a modern form structure contribute to employee acceptance and save time resources during implementation. DOQ can be used across multiple locations.
The annual saving of paper alone in a production plant with 20,000 orders per year and an average of 8 pages results in a height of 16 meters. Saving this paper saves money and is a contribution to sustainability in one's own company. A digital data acquisition system also reduces the distance to be travelled, e.g. when stamping on and off process and makeready times. Outdated paper documents such as QM specifications or design drawings are also a thing of the past, since up-to-date links are always available from every mobile workstation.
DOQ's integrated forms management enables web-based input forms to be created in DOQ that can be used to simulate a wide range of manufacturing, testing and workflow processes. You can define input fields that are filled with data manually or via an interface before an electronic signature completes the process. A complete audit trail and the validation check are also part of DOQ.
All entries in DOQ are stored on an MS SQL database and are accessible via an evaluation tool. DOQ thus enables the creation of relevant key figures for reliable corporate management.
DOQ is able to display all predecessors and successors of any batch within seconds. Tracking and tracing is possible both horizontally and vertically. The automatic generation of a DHR as PDF/A, optionally for each individual batch, guarantees the greatest possible audit security with regard to the manufacturing documentation.
DOQ guides your employees safely through the manufacturing process. In contrast to paper processes, you can block digital processes in their sequence at certain points or provide them with a four-eyes principle. This reduces the frequency of errors. Set value limits in the forms indicate that permissible values have been exceeded and thus prevent further processing of rejects.

Developed in the environment of medical technology, DOQ meets all basic regulatory requirements for use in pharmacy, biotechnology and medical technology (FDA 21 CFR Part 11, ISO 13485/2016, MDR). The validation support during the implementation of our software modules ensures the safe auditing of Notified Bodies and FDA. Each DOQ release is delivered again with complete validation and thus guarantees a permanently lower effort of the QM department.

DOQ can be introduced within only 3 months due to its modern interface architecture and high user acceptance. We support you with all the necessary training and documents needed for going live.

Due to the complete validation and the possibility of an electronic signature DOQ is able to realize a completely paperless production. This rules out the possibility of different data storage between the paper process and the digital process. DOQ fulfils all FDA requirements according to 21 CFR Part 11, which are demanded of quality-relevant software in manufacturing companies.