Tuttlingen Region

Especially for the region of Tuttlingen with its many medical technology companies and Majesty ERP users, LA2 GmbH has created a user-friendly solution for the digitalization of manufacturing. The interface concept, developed together with UB-Software, allows access to master data and reports back material withdrawals and BDE entries. The company Dannoritzer Medizintechnik was available as development partner and has been using DOQ productively since summer 2018. In the meantime, companies such as the family-owned company Peter Lazic GmbH also rely on the MES solution DOQ.


Existing interface concept DOQ / Majesty / CAQ / DMS

Existing interface concept DOQ / Majesty / CAQ / DMS The bidirectional, validated interface between Majesty and DOQ guarantees the effective exchange of data between both systems. This ensures a paperless process in production. All planning changes are transferred to the tablets of the individual employees within seconds. Removed material can be registered via barcode and reported to Majesty. Inspection documentation from CAQ systems is transferred to DOQ, signed and added to the digital device history record. The resulting digital product development files do not have to be printed out and can be transferred to a DMS.

Complete master data and QM documents Integration

Access to photos, construction plans and QM documents via link is available to employees from their own workstation or at the machine. The article master data is updated every minute to ensure that employees always have the latest documents displayed.


Form management with recognition value

DOQ maps existing paper forms and thus generates a high recognition value for the user. Special work steps such as reworking can be attached to a company order and thus integrated into the device history record. Prepared drop-down input fields make incorrect entries impossible and ensure that the process is carried out in the desired sequence.

Deviation analyses based on target/actual time comparison

With the target times stored in Majesty and the actual times recorded by DOQ, a wide range of analyses can be carried out with filter settings for processor, article, resource, operation and time interval.


Regulatory module for software validation

DOQ is not only a fully validated software, but also helps to minimize the validation effort for all other software systems in your company including majesty and machine connectivity while ensuring and complying with all regulatory standards - 21 CFR Part 11, ISO13485, MDR and 21 CFR Part 820 (GMP).

Long-term archiving as a cloud solution

The DOQ Long-term Archiving module meets all requirements for a regulatory-compliant digital long-term archive. All data to be archived (e.g. DHR) is automatically sent from DOQ to the long-term archive with a customer-specific encryption and managed there.
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