DOQ MES - Support
with validated interfaces, cloud hosting and long-term archive

The problem-free integration with existing ERP systems, the connection of machines, EDP systems or tools without new, cost-intensive interfaces and an extremely attractive price/performance ratio distinguish our system solution. The ERP remains the leading system and provides manufacturing companies with all article master data, parts lists and work plans. After the digital recording of the work steps, DOQ reports back the corresponding PDC/MDC data of the processed work steps.

DOQ's installation and data management can be implemented both on its own servers and as a cloud based solution. A modern system architecture with programming technologies such as Java, JEE, HTML 5 and jQuery on an MS SQL database guarantees the sustainability of DOQ. The browser-based application also makes it possible to work with DOQ from any location. The sophisticated role/user concept can be individually adjusted to all needs. Due to the free scalability of the system, DOQ offers the possibility to grow with your company.

Our service team will not leave you out in the rain. No matter if you decide for our service and maintenance package "Basic" or "Premium", if there should be a problem, we are there for you. Annual release deliveries guarantee an up-to-date further development of our software under consideration of the user's wishes. Each update is fully validated and made available to our customers.

In contrast to the normal archiving one speaks of long-term archiving starting from a period of observation of 10 years. Experience has shown that the software programs of many providers change so much during this period that readability of the data cannot be guaranteed. However, many medical instruments are still in use during this period, so that long-term archiving is unavoidable in order to meet the legal requirements. The DOQ Long-term Archiving module meets all requirements for a regulatory-compliant digital long-term archive. The DOQ Long-Term Archiving module fulfills all requirements for a regulatory-compliant digital long-term archive.
  • Media independence
  • audit safety
  • security of evidence
  • lawfulness
  • availability
The functionality comprises a number of other aspects that also play an important role in the consideration of data integrity. All data to be archived is automatically sent from DOQ to the long-term archive using customer-specific encryption. In the event of an audit, the archive data can also be retrieved without DOQ/LA2. This is documented by an established user administration with access proof.