Our DOQ - Partners from ERP to QM Consulting

Medical Valley:

The strength of the cluster is its innovative strength. Companies and research institutions in the Medical Valley EMN benefit from short distances that create "best-in-class" research and development processes. LA2 GmbH has been a member for many years and participates in events in the field of "digitization".

Medical Mountains:

The MedicalMountains cluster management offers a network that goes beyond the boundaries of the cluster structure of the Tuttlingen/Neckar-Alb region and strengthens the international competitiveness of domestic companies in the field of medical technology. This is where the framework conditions are set to accelerate innovation, stimulate cooperation and support the development of foreign markets. As a member, LA2 GmbH contributes to the implementation of digital developments in the region.

UB-Software Entwicklungs- und Vertriebs- GmbH:

An important partner in the Tuttlingen region is the ERP provider UB-Software. The jointly developed interface between DOQ and Majesty guarantees many users a cost-effective introduction of digital shop floor data collection.

Metecon GmbH:

Metecon GmbH is an integrated service provider for regulatory market access and advises and supports its customers in verification and validation as well as in documentation and approval of medical devices and IVD. Together Dannoritzer documented the regulatory correct implementation of DOQ.