Live recording of the lecture
"17 years of digitization at the Detector Center CT at Siemens Healthineers"

David Woithe, CT-Detector Center Siemens Healthineers, at the Medical Valley event:
Digitization for Laboratory and Production - Future without Alternative?

DOQ Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
with mobile production data acquisition capture as a solution for your process optimization

For management

For production management

For quality management

For IT department

Digital production data acquisition in production

The medical technology manufacturer DANmed from Tuttlingen has switched its data acquisition to mobile tablets. This means that every employee has always up-to-date access to all order information and QM specifications. Inputs such as process times or measured values can be made at the employee's own workstation without the need for a route.

DOQ has already saved us 1400 hours in the first year.

Stefan F., employee of a large corporation

You can't handle our current 600 million data records with paper at all.

David W., employee of a large corporation

Shorter review periods, faster approvals and a significant reduction in costs were the result. By simply embedding this 21 CFR Part 11 compliant system in our ISO 13485 structure, audit security against the FDA could be further increased.
Dr. Stefan Schulze,
CEO at German Medical Engineering
By making it possible to use DOQ across multiple locations, we reduced our
process throughput time by 30%. .

Dr. Armin Kaussner, CEO at WIVW

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